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    Sabine und Herbert (mercoledì, 10 luglio 2019 18:10)

    Hallo Simone,
    nochmal ein ganz großes Lob an dich für die tolle musikalische Gestaltung unserer Hochzeit am Comer See.
    Wir und unsere Gäste waren total begeistert!
    Mach weiter so!!!

    Viele liebe Grüße

  • #59

    Saul (mercoledì, 10 luglio 2019 18:07)

    Buongiorno a tutti,

    Non ho ancora avuto modo di ringraziarvi tutti e mi scuso se lo faccio solo adesso ma non sono riuscito.
    É andato benissimo e questo lo devo all’impegno e alla professionalità che ci avete messo.
    Un grazie in particolare a Katia che mi ha suggerito quasi tutti a voi e che mi ha colpito per come ha preso a cuore la riuscita dell’evento quasi come fosse il suo.
    Siete stati tutti impagabili.
    Un grazie di cuore.


  • #58

    The Shoras (martedì, 16 aprile 2019 18:52)

    Simone constructed and performed the best wedding set any of our guests had ever heard! We had an absolutely perfect wedding day at Borgo Petrognano in Tuscany, and as the sun set beautifully over the hills, Simone's music kicked in, and people didn't leave the dance floor all night!

    I gave Simone 15-20 songs to set the mood, and he filled in the rest, and constructed a playlist which everyone entertained and screaming out songs for hours. One bridesmaid was in tears at the number of Sean Paul songs, as I'd mentioned to Simone she was a big fan previously, and he certainly didn't disappoint!

    I couldn't recommend highly enough!

    Thank you for performing on our special day.

    Anna and Andy x

  • #57

    Anton Merbaum (martedì, 22 gennaio 2019 18:04)

    Simone was our DJ for our Italian dream wedding. He was very easy to work with and flexible, especially considering that we were coordinating and communicating with him from overseas, leading up to the event. I'm very particular about music, and Simone was open to working with my specifications and delivered wonderfully.

  • #56

    Ila Vogel (giovedì, 03 gennaio 2019 16:25)

    We used Simone's DJ service during our wedding in Tuscany and were very pleased with the job he did! He was a great DJ, played really good music which got people dancing until the end of the night, and provided a professional service.

    We would happily recommend his services to anyone in the future!

    Ila & Simon

  • #55

    Laura e Claudio (martedì, 13 novembre 2018 11:58)

    Non è facile trovare un DJ professionista e perfettamente organizzato in ogni passaggio, siamo stati quindi molto felici di aver trovato Simone! Grazie per le ottime scelte musicali durante tutta la durata del matrimonio, dalla cerimonia al party. I nostri ospiti erano sorridenti e scatenati in pista ed è proprio perchè il DJ ha saputo leggere i loro gusti. Buona continuazione di carriera!

    Laura e Claudio

  • #54

    Cheryl (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:27)

    Simone was wonderful. We had a few engaged couples at the our wedding that said they wished they didn't already have their dj booked because he was so great. Everyone only had wonderful things to say. He definitely kept the energy up and provided a great mix of music that had guests on the dance floor the entire night!

  • #53

    Dominika (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:25)

    Симоне, приветствую тебя! Александр и я были очень рады твоему участию на нашей свадьбе в качестве dj. Представленная тобой музыка была действительно особенной, и тебе удалось поддержать чудесную атмосферу церимонии вплоть до заключительной вечеринки. Несомненно мы посоветуем обратиться к тебе нашим друзьям, которые захотят провести свадьбу в Италии. Доминика и Александр.

  • #52

    Sam (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:25)

    Simone DJ'd my wedding in Italy and performed beyond expectations. He created and maintained an excellent romantic flow from start to finish. When it was time to dance, he had everyone on their feet
    We give him our highest rating and strongest recommendations.

  • #51

    Nici & Nico (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:24)

    Lieber Simone,

    noch mal vielen herzlichen Dank für Deinen großartigen Einsatz bei unserer Hochzeit!!!
    Sowohl die Loungemusik während des Dinners, als auch die Musik bei der Party waren fantastisch!

    Wir sind begeistert, wie flexibel Du an dem Tag warst und wie gut Du den Ton auf der Party getroffen hast! Dank Dir war die Stimmung den ganzen Abend ausgelassen! :-)

    Du hast einen tollen Job gemacht und den Abend für uns noch schöner werden lassen!!!

    Alles Liebe aus Düsseldorf,
    Nici & Nico

  • #50

    Khalid (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:23)

    Simone our ITALIAN Wedding DJ was amazing!
    During our skype call he understood what feeling we wanted. He responded to our emails promptly, and had no problem handling any of my requests. His music selection was superb,the dance floor was packed until 3 am, when we closed out the wedding.
    We will definitely recommend Simone Alinari DJ to other people for their wedding in Italy.

  • #49

    Alexa (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:22)

    Thank you Simone for contributing to an incredible atmosphere on our wedding day in Florence!

  • #48

    Ana y Roberto (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:20)

    Hola Simone,

    Muchas gracias por hacer nuestra boda espectacular y súper divertida, nos encantó toda la música, eres excelente dj el mejor!!!! Cada momento lo hiciste realmente especial, nuestros amigos felices y nosotros más

    Mucho éxito te deseamos lo mejor

    Ana y Roberto

  • #47

    Sara & Johnny (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:20)

    Hi Simone,

    We wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful job you did at our wedding, particulalry with the added challenge of mixing Persian and English music. We really appreciate you following all our instructions and adapting to all the last minute changes.

    Our guests had a wonderful time, and we could barely get them to go home when the music came to end! We would happily recommend your services, and wish you all the best for the future.

    Thanks again for an amazing night!
    Sara & Johnny
    London, UK

  • #46

    M+HC (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:19)

    Lieber Simone,
    ganz herzlichen Dank für eine wundervolle Hochzeitsparty! Die Stimmung war einfach super und die Musik war der Hammer! Wir und alle unsere Gäste waren total begeistert!
    Viele Grüsse aus der Schweiz, M+HC

  • #45

    Hannah and Robert (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:18)

    Dear Simone your music at our wedding was amazing,
    You were great.
    Hannah and Robert

  • #44

    Françine und Gerrit (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:17)

    Lieber Simone
    Vielen herzlichen Dank, dass du unser DJ gewesen bist an unserer Traumhochzeit! Du warst einfach perfekt und bist ein super DJ.
    Wir können dich absolut empfehlen, vielen herzlichen Dank für deinen tollen Einsatz!
    Es war für uns ein unvergessliches Fest bis in die frühen Morgenstunden, mit super Sound von dir ;-)

    Wir wünschen dir eine schöne Adventszeit!

    Liebe Grüsse

  • #43

    Jonas und Melanie (martedì, 06 novembre 2018 17:16)

    Hallo Simone, danke fuer deine tolle Musik auf unserer Hochzeit. Es war super. Wir koennen nur dich weiterempfehlen,
    Vielen Dank
    Jonas und Melanie

  • #42

    S&O (venerdì, 12 ottobre 2018 00:37)

    Simone thank you so much for our unforgettable party night on our wedding!!!!
    Best wishes and Cheers to your work!

  • #41

    Justin & Anna (martedì, 09 ottobre 2018 12:10)

    Thank you so much for DJing our wedding! We had an incredible time and loved the music!
    Justin & Ana

  • #40

    Paola and James (mercoledì, 03 ottobre 2018 13:35)

    We wanted to thank you for the most fantastic DJ service you provided for our wedding day. You exceeded our expectations in reading the atmosphere and choosing the perfect tempo of music at just the right moment! Your set during dinner was perfect, and later on you got everyone on the dance floor, and together with the saxophonist Luigi (who we also recommend together with Simone!) you made it such a special party will never forget! Thank you also for your flexibility in allowing the groom to join in one of the tracks on the drums! You made everything effortless, your professionalism and reliability really stood out for us which is so important when planning a wedding aboard. We would highly recommend you and only wish we could do it all over again!! :-)
    Thanks you Simone!
    Paola and James

  • #39

    CVJP (mercoledì, 03 ottobre 2018 12:55)

    It was easy working with Simone — he listened to what we liked, was professional throughout, super friendly to our guests and played an amazing track list, which made our wedding night very special.

    Thank you Simone!! :)

  • #38

    Matthias and Kim (sabato, 21 aprile 2018 04:04)

    Hi Simone,

    our wedding night was perfected by your DJ performance, your extraordinary sense of the current atmosphere and the precisely fitted song that you were playing at that moment.
    But not to forget how you moderated through the speeches and accomplished the “extra-DJ duties”. �

    Whoever needs a DJ needs to contact you!

    Mille Gracie Simone! You are the best!

    Matthias and Kim

  • #37

    bianca (martedì, 05 dicembre 2017 13:22)

    Dear Simone,

    You gave me great advice and support in a time of need and I really appreciated it :-)

    All the guests were thrilled of your music! The most compliments we received infact was for the DJ and the music that was played :-)

    So thank you for making a special day even more special!

    Un abbraccio,

    Bianca & Loïc

  • #36

    Nora and Joe (domenica, 05 novembre 2017 16:40)

    Ciao Simone,
    Thank you for being so accommodating throughout our entire wedding experience from booking through the night of! We had a great time and are super happy that we had you for the speeches and music!
    Nora and Joe